For Parents

Parents are an integral part of the success of our Keeble students. Our staff has made a commitment to assist all Keeble parents with the education of their children.

Workshops offered periodically throughout the year give parents at Keeble the opportunity to become active participants in their child’s education. The parent workshops are led by our own Keeble teachers and focus on the prekindergarten curriculum areas of reading, math, language development, and health. We offer ESL classes on Saturdays.

Adult Related to Kids (ARK) classes are parenting classes that are offered every Tuesday in English and every Thursday in Spanish.

Family Nights are scheduled the last Tuesday of each month. Teachers provide useful information to the parents. We present different topics and we teach different skills to the parents. Parents are encouraged to reinforce the skills with their children at home.

Parent Workshops are provided by their child’s classroom teacher. Teachers plan and present a variety of skills, and provide examples on how they can use everyday items from home to teach their children.  

Parents are encouraged to volunteer their time through our parent volunteer program S.O.C.K. – Serving Our Children at Keeble. Parents can volunteer during the school day in the classroom, library, other areas of the building, after hours, at home or at one of our many after school functions. For more information regarding parenting programs offered at Keeble, please contact our Parent Coordinator.

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