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Keeble Library & the Book Buddy Stick  
The students take home at least 1 book per week using the "book buddy stick" to select their books, which is one of the incorporated Montessoripic Methods that was adapted into the Library to continue our Montessori curriculum across the board. As a result of OCCI (Order, Concentration, Coordination, Independence) methods, our monthly circulation of books runs at about 5,000 books per month.  The children of Keeble thoroughly enjoy selecting and reading their books as well as their parents. The parents must follow the exact same procedures as the children; but of course at a higher level.  Parents are allowed to take home 7 books per week (3 student readers, 3 toddler readers, & 1 adult books). Everybody at Keeble is Wild About Reading!!!

Keeble Parent Book Checkout 
The Library is open for all Keeble parents on Fridays, 8:15 a.m. - 11:15 a.m. The library contains children's books (in both Spanish & English), parenting resource books, love & patience.

Parents may checkout 7 books at a time.

Wild About Reading  
picWild About Reading Incentive Program is recognized as one of the most encouraging Reading programs in Texas.  The children read every day and select one book weekly that they will record information about with their parent/guardian in their Wild About Reading folders. A prize from the Wild Safari Treasure Chest is awarded to students who complete information for every week in the month.  At the completion of the year, students who have read books and completed their Wild About Reading forms, 4 out of 6 months, will be awarded the Wild About Reading Medal and proudly wear this Medal of Honor at their graduation ceremony.

Wild About Reading takes place October - March.

ABC Club                           
Parents are encouraged to read to their children every day to enhance their vocabulary and encourage reading in the home. Once a month,pic parents are invited to join the A.B.C. Club in the library. A.B.C. stands for Answers, Books, and Children. Each meeting provides parents with tips on reading aloud, home activities appropriate for their children, and make and take workshops for creating activities that encourage the reading of some of our children's favorite books.  

ABC Club takes place October - May and meets the first Friday of every month.

Book Fair at Keeble Library
Our children have a better chance at academic success when you read aloud everyday in the home. Scholastic Book Fair is a great way to buy books for you and your child to share in the comfort of your home.Our book fair takes place twice a year. 

Fall Book Fair, October 2017
Spring Book Fair, March 2018

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