300 Hall Teachers

Marie Hedrington-Morson

·          Special Education Professional

·           Committed to the Empowerment of Children

·           Excellence is my goal.

·           Excellence is a  journey.

·           I am committed to the daily pursuit of   Excellence.

Sonja Stapleton

My name is Sonja Stapleton, and I am a SPPCD Teacher at Keeble EC/PK Center. 
In 2013 I graduated from Sam Houston State University with a dual Bachelor's Degree in Special Education EC-12 and Interdisciplinary Studies EC-6 Generalist. This is my first year teaching and I love being part of the Keeble family! As a teacher, I believe that every child can learn and it's my job to help them be successful in the classroom. In my spare time I am busy raising two children, volunteering at their school events and attending church activities.

Martha Staples

Liliana Staples received her Bachelor's degree from University of St Thomas in 1997, and her Masters degree in Psychology in 1999. She moved the same year to United States with a plan. In  2004 She received her certification on Bilingual Education EC/4 and her career as educator began. In 2005 she received her  Montessori certification. She taught 2nd grade at Galena Park for 2 years as a student teacher and then she join the Keeble's family  in 2001 where she taught for 4 years until she moved to South Africa with her husband on expat  assignment. While in South Africa she received a degree in family and children counseling. Returning to US in Dec 2012  she was keen and fortunate  to rejoin the Keeble's family. Liliana believes in respecting the child, in providing them with a positive space, right tools, lots of love, and a learning environment all children can grow and  Succeed. 

Miriam De Leon

My name is Miriam De Leon, and this will be my 33 year as a school teacher. I came from Mexico as teacher with 12 years of experience and when I came to U.S. I kept my promise to become a teacher in the United States as a way to honor my father who was a teacher, too. I have four sons who are my energy to keep going doing my best  I love children and I really believe in their potential and also the powerful support form parents. I  I get my degree in Education from The University of Houston downtown since 1999. My family of four sons are my energy to keep going doing my best.

C. Lerma

I am Mrs. Lerma. Teaching andcaring of my students is my passion.   I graduated as an elementaryteacher from UPN (Universidad Pedagógica Nacional) and worked as PKteacher for 10 years in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. When I moved toHouston, I worked as a substitute teacher for 2 years in Aldine ISD. In2004 I was hired as a paraprofessional here at Keeble and continued analternative certification program at North Harris College.   This is my10th year proudly working at Keeble. 


Nancy Broonfeld

My name is Nancy Broonfield and I have been here at Keeble since 2004. I love teaching children this age.  I look forward to having a great year.