600 Hall Teachers

Claudia Ellison

I was born  in Chile.  I love to work with small children.  I love cats ( I have 4). I like to read and cook in my free time.

Dora Reyna

I’m from Mexico and I got my bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering in 1999 at Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon. I came to Houston in 2006 and I began my educational career in Aldine, ISD in 2007. I started working as a teacher aide at Keeble EC/Pre-K Center, while I was doing my teacher certification.   In 2009, I started working as a bilingual teacher at Garcia-Leza EC/Pre-K Center.  The next two years, I taught kindergarten at Johnson Elementary. In 2012, I came back to Garcia-Leza where I worked for three years. In 2015 I came back to Keeble. I enjoy working with the younger students because they are always eager to learn and they deserve to have a delightful experience in their beginning learning.

Jordan Cheatham

Nikki Randall

Laila Saade

I enjoy working with young kids and also learning from them.  I am a hard worker who is determine to succeed in challenges that come my way. Love the Montessori Method because kids can be independent and responsible.