700 Hall Teachers

Zayra Torres

I am excited to a great year 2014-2015!
This year I joined the Keeble and it has been a great experience and a pleasure to become part of this amazing family. I have been in the district for 5 years as a bilingual teacher. I enjoy teaching as well as learning from my 4 - 5 year old students. During my free time I love to play volleyball with my family and friends.

Lorena Flores

I have been a teacher at Keeble EC/PK since 2004.  It is a rewarding experience to be a part of a child's first year of education.  I look forward to provide students with an engaging and positive environment and motivate them to succeed.

Sarah Perez

Tristan Thomas

Gloria Rendon

My name is Gloria I. Rendon and I have been working at Keeble EC/PK Center for 13 years. I graduated with my Bachelors in Public Accounting in Facultad de Contaduria Publica in UANL in 1983 and with my Bilingual Teacher Certification from North Harris College in 2005. I love work with children and to be their first teacher, I have very good communication with parents. Outside Keeble, I married and I have 3 boys. In my free time I love to work in my Garden, go shopping.

Adrien Jones

Melissa Alanis

My name is Melissa Alanis and I am a mother of 2 busy boys.  I have been a teacher at Keeble now for 14 years and counting. As each student enters my classroom he/she receives the extraordinary experience of working hands on with Montessori materials created to enrich their life with so much knowledge.

Maribel Villafranca

I was born in the united states but was raised in Mexico for 12 years. Having learned english at age twelve helps me understand some of the issues a non-english speaker faces.  I have been a bilingual teacher for the past 11 years.  Enjoy working with young students because they are so eager to learn.  Children see life through a glass of vivid colors.  They manage to find something good in everything around them.  I always believe in my students. I work and encourage them to reach their highest potential.  They are they future of our nation!! 

Ana Perez

My name is Ana Perez, I been working here at Keeble since 2010, I graduate from the University of Houston
Downtown. I love what I do and I love having your child in my class, I believe that everyone can learn and that we all have different styles of doing it. My door is always open to you and I am here to help your child succeed in this exiting journey.