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Ms. Bunz M.Ed.Information Literacy Specialist
Ms. Yancy
Ms. YancyLibrary Paraprofessional

Keeble Library & the Book Buddy Stick

The students take home at least 1 book per week using the “book buddy stick” to select their books, which is one of the incorporated Montessori Methods that was adapted into the Library to continue our Montessori curriculum across the board. As a result of OCCI (Order, Concentration, Coordination, Independence) methods, our monthly circulation of books runs at about 5,000 books per month.

Keeble Parent Book Checkout

The library is open for all Keeble parents every Tuesday from 8:15 – 8:45 A.M. Keeble library offers parenting resources, fairytales, graphic novels and classic novels. Parents may checkout 7 books at a time (3 children books, 2 toddler / board books, 2 adult books).

Book Fair at Keeble Library

Our children have a better chance at academic success when you read aloud every day in the home. Scholastic Book Fair is a great way to buy books for you and your child to share in the comfort of your home. Our book fair takes place twice a year.

Coding in Keeble Library

Each year our students have the honor of participating in the Hour of Code. What is coding? Academic coding introduces students to computer science. Students understand the foundations of computer programing. This is learned through plugged (electronic games) and unplugged (board games).

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